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Entry Doors by Provia

ProViaEntry doors and patio doors are offered in both fiberglass and steel. You can choose the factory finished designer paint or stain colors, aluminum clad jambs and decorative hardware that best compliment your home. You can have one color on the outside and another color on the inside. You can even have one side stained and the other side painted. To further personalize your door, we offer numerous glass designs and shapes and matching sidelites. Our Schlage bright brass knobsets, leversets, handlesets and deadbolts come standard with a lifetime tarnish and mechanism warranty. All of our entry and patio doors are designed with security and energy efficiency in mind to help you feel safe and comfortable at home. Our premium doors, combined with our professional installation, create a package that will give you peace of mind for years to come. They are a smart way to increase the value and curb appeal of your home.

Click here to visit the Provia Doors website and view their wide selection of styles and color.

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Why a Custom Entry Door Might be the Best Option for Your Home

You’ve made the decision to replace your front door and you’re ready to head down to the nearest big box store. Hold one there! Before you start your entry door shopping, it’s best to consider whether a custom entry door would be the better option for your home.

Most people think of custom entry doors as a solution only for the grandest of homes, new homes or homes where the homeowner wants to make a statement with personalized design choices.

In actuality, custom entry doors are a better fit to replace existing doors, especially in older homes, in situations where one is replacing a very old, original door that was built right on the jobsite, often in a size that isn’t available as a standard offering, or where the old entry door has simply worn out.

It’s a purchase you won’t make often, so select an entry door that can provide you the highest level of satisfaction for the many years you’ll own your home and your door.When replacing an existing entry door, ordering a custom-sized door can eliminate installation issues and unnecessary extra work. Unfortunately, most manufacturers can’t turnaround custom-sized doors quickly, if at all, because of automation issues, floor space, or because they’re more focused on new construction (where standard sizes are typical).

That’s where ProVia stands out from the rest. ProVia specializes in working with the remodeling industry, so every door that is assembled in our plant has been custom ordered. By building only doors made to order, ProVia can provide sizes, options, quality and service unavailable with any other door manufacturer.

Have a non-standard door opening? No problem. Unlike consumer-grade doors, which are cut down to fit your need, ProVia’s professional-class doors are built to your exact measurements for a better fit and a more secure and energy efficient door. Are you worried about wall damage or unsightly paint lines when the original door frame is removed? ProVia’s 2½" and 3½" interior casing provides additional coverage of the door frame area so that your contractor won’t have to do extra work to fix the wall. Does your home have Craftsman-style trim that you want to preserve or match? ProVia offers custom casing styles, including Craftsman-style, to preserve the design integrity of your home. Need to replace a door to meet ADA (American Disabilities Act) standards? ProVia can provide entry doors with a lower threshold.

ProVia entry doors are shipped as a complete “ProVia Entry Door System”. The brickmold cladding for the exterior and the color-matched casing for the interior can be ordered to ship along with the system, saving time for door installers.

Why custom entry doors might be best choice for your home from ProVia
Choosing a custom entry door with ProVia offers much more than design personalization, it provides the confidence that the door you are installing will be a significant upgrade from the one you are replacing, with better comfort (no drafts), more energy efficiency, more security, better performance and longer life expectancy.

But how the door looks is an important part of the decision too, and that’s where ProVia also excels.

ProVia offers its fiberglass and steel entry doors in a wide variety of styles, with or without glass. Its custom entry doors come in a wide selection of panel styles both interior and exterior, and a variety of glass styles and designs as well as options for hardware. Accessories like pet doors, Craftsman-style hinge straps, speakeasies and kick plates also can be added.

ProVia’s commitment to door customization is exhibited in part by its large inventory of door glass.

What’s equally important to ProVia is how your entry door is finished. Most doors purchased through other manufacturers have to be painted or stained by the contractor at their location or yours. By contrast, ProVia paints or stains all its doors in a professional process that enables us to ensure a superior finish and provide a warranty on the finish of the door against flaking, checking, blistering or peeling for 7 or 10 years, depending on the product.

Looking for a door in a specific shade beyond our wide color palette? No problem. ProVia can match any Sherwin-Williams paint color, and can match your particular stain color.

Do you want one door style and color to complement the inside of your home, and another to match your home’s exterior? That’s not a problem. Since we build each door from scratch we are able to mix and match different panel styles, skin types and colors to match your exact specification.

Buying a new entry door is not an inexpensive purchase, no matter where you go. The key, however, is that it’s a purchase you won’t make often, so select an entry door that can provide you the highest level of satisfaction for the many years you’ll own your home and your door.